Galaxy 1

Galaxy 1 Communications was established in 2005; consisting of 80 years of combined experience. Since then its grown to have a presence that extends to every region of the globe.


Galaxy 1 is specialized in integrating mobile satcom services and connections (like Inmarsat, Iridium etc), the terrestrial infrastructure, online firewalls, satcom equipment and the IP applications being used over the satellite network. Galaxy 1 has contracts with industry leading hardware suppliers Hughes Network Systems LLC , AddValue and Cobham/Thrane & Thrane and is a Distribution Provider for Inmarsat. In addition to hardware and services, Galaxy 1 offers a unique secure online Billing & Management platform, video/audio-streaming applications, tracking applications, an M2M management and control application (Remote Terminal Manager) and VOIP services.


In order to comply with the highness levels of security requirement for utilities and governments, Galaxy 1 operates its own Points of Presence in major regions around the globe, including the Americas, Europe and Asia. 

Range Global Services

With a satellite phone from Range Global Services all of your equipment and airtime service is included in one low monthly fee. There is no upfront purchase of equipment required. We also provide a U.S. based number, which eliminates the need of expensive international “satellite” toll charges or confusing two stage dialling platforms.


As an RGS customer you also get peace of mind with the “Full Range Service Plan.”

This plan provides full warranty coverage for your equipment, if something breaks RGS replaces the equipment at no charge. In short, Range Global Services provides the lowest prices and best customer service for those needing or using satellite communications.

Digital Skies

Digital Skies is a software solution company with dedicated focus on the satellite communication community. Digital Skies offers a suite of software packages ranging from billing, provisioning, PoP, firewall and managed service solutions.


Those various platforms enable the partner to operate more efficiently and cost effective. In addition, Digital Skies provides global network connectivity throughout a number of state of the art PoP’s. Digital Skies works very closely with Pragmalogic and Mobile Internet in order to prove integrated services for Distribution Partners (DP’s) and Service Providers (SP’s).


RigNet (NASDAQ:RNET) is a global technology company that provides customized communications services, applications, real-time machine learning, and cybersecurity solutions that enhance customer decision-making and business performance. RigNet is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has operations around the globe.


Customer satisfaction is the result of great performance, and surveys show that RigNet has the industry’s leading customer satisfaction rating. We accomplished this rating by delivering the highest level of performance for remote voice and data communications.